Introducing Solaro Shades: Official Announcement

Introducing Solaro Shades: Official Announcement

Thanks to the success I've had with MPTHREE, I'm starting a new premium performance sunglasses company, Solaro Shades! Here's everything you need to know.

Hey guys! Mark Paul here. You probably know me as the baseball comedian on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. I'm also the creator of MPTHREE Baseball brand.

I've got a HUGE announcement. I can't tell you how long I've been waiting to share this -- it feels like forever -- but the time has finally come.

So here it is...

I'm starting a sunglasses company!


It's called Solaro Shades, and I'm working with several other athletes and influencers to help make this the next big brand in sports glasses.

I know this is probably a surprise and feels a bit out of left field (outfield matters!), so here are all the answers to the questions you may have!

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Everything you should know about Solaro Shades

I'm trying to get ahead of some of the questions you guys might have! Here's some FAQ!


Who are you working with for Solaro Shades?

I've been fortunate enough to meet a lot of great creators and athletes along my journey as "that baseball guy." Now, I'm getting to work with them on their own custom colors and designs, giving their vision life with Solaro.

One great example is Morgan Gaither, the softball comedian with 3 million followers across her platforms. She's coming aboard not to only design her own pair, but also help me lead the charge in a women's line that is both fashion and performance-friendly for softball players.

There are MLB guys in the picture, too, but I can't say much on that just yet. But trust me, that announcement's gonna be big, too.



Why did you start another sunglasses brand?

In short, I started Solaro because I wanted to help creators/athletes just like me.

When I started MPTHREE Shades, I never would have guessed I would have made it this far and I could not be more appreciative. It truly changed my life.

But along the way, I realized my process could work and help MORE creators and athletes just like me. So instead of getting paid just a CPM by Facebook, my partners are creating a great sunglasses product they can sell themselves (and, let's be real, they don't want a big ol' "MPTHREE" on the sides of their glasses).

Solaro Shades will have its own styles, but the vision is to build out a company that features custom styles from some of the biggest influencers and athletes in the game, giving them a cut of all their sales.

I'm hoping to help other creators in my space do the same thing that I did -- create their own unique styles and colors of Solaro Shades to share with their fans. This isn't my brand. It's a brand for all of baseball. 

How do these compare to your MPTHREE Shades?

Solaro Sunglasses are a more premium product than MPTHREE Shades, but they also cost more.

The MPTHREEs are a great product, don't get me wrong. I stand by them 100%. I started them to be a low-cost alternative to the $200 baseball sunglasses, but I can only make them so good still being able to profit off them. I hope that makes sense!

Solaro Shades are like... premium, premium. There are some awesome colorways, which you can see right here.

Put them up against any baseball sunglasses that you own and let me know what you think. 

Each pair comes with 5 lenses: the primary color, black-out polarized, silver mirror, yellow night-vision and clear. 

They're also all backed by the Solaro limited lifetime warranty. If anything happens, we'll replace your sunglasses. I've always believed that if somebody is willing to try my product over a competitor, I want them to be able to rest assured knowing that I've got their back, and this is my way of doing exactly

They're tough, stylish, and ready to go toe-to-toe with any baseball sunglasses in the game.  


Is this the end of MPTHREE Shades?

Not at all. MPTHREE Shades will live on, existing for a bit different audience. They're forever going to stay $50, while Solaros are going to be launching at $79.99 and most likely going up a bit from there. You'll probably see them settle around $100.

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How do I order and when should I expect my Solaro Shades to arrive?

Ordering Solaro Shades is easy: just get your pair right here. 

But note, this is just a pre-order. My current estimated shipping date for the first 5,000 pairs is April 1, 2023. You'll still have them in time for a lot of baseball tournaments, trust me. 

mark paul mpthree solaro shades baseball sunglasses baseball glasses softball glasess oakley sutro 100 percent glasses

How do I stay up to date on Solaro Shades?

It would really mean a lot if you give us a follow on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. I have some pretty funny exclusive content that's going live on those channels very soon, and you'll also get in on unique offers and special giveaways.